Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Missed Knitting Class

I overslept and missed my knitting class yesterday. I'd signed up for a month long knitting class making something of my choice but with the instructor helping as needed. It is a wonderful way to make something that is a bit difficult, but also something that takes about a month to complete. Well, my body just decided that it needed more sleep, so the two projects that I was considering are still sitting in a bag in the family room.

All was not lost though. I popped into 88 Stitches and sat with Sue for a couple of hours, knitting on another diamond triangle scarf. Since this is my third scarf with this pattern, it is almost mindless knitting at this time. It is a perfect way to try out different yarns that change colours. And the scarves look wonderful.

I haven't been on a scarf kick for awhile now. However, after taking two one day scarf classes in July and August, I've been back knitting scarves. They make for quick projects and also make great Christmas gifts. Of course, my youngest son says he doesn't need anymore scarves, but he'll probably get one anyway in his stocking this year.

I have about 10 UFO's on needles now. That is too many for me, but it seems to be where I'm going these days. I just can't resist buying some of the new Fall yarns from 88 Stitches, and it seems that all I want to do is knit them up as quickly as possible.

I did start the front of my son's sweater last night. If I can continue to do 10 rows each day, I may have this sweater finished by Christmas. The fingerless gloves became a nightmare for me on the long weekend. I tried doing the thumb gusset and the lace pattern got lost somehow each time I tried. I mapped out a different way to incorporate the lace but I'd still find myself with either one less stitch or one extra. I finally gave up and worked with a spiral pattern that I've done twice before. The cashmere is a tad stretchy and now they will actually fit my hands. However, I've only got one halfway finished because I keep working on a scarf or trying to get this sweater done.

Sometimes there aren't enough hours in a day to knit. Other times, I oversleep and lose many knitting hours.

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