Saturday, September 1, 2007

Another Day of Knitting

The weather is fine, and I should be outside gardening, however I sit here still in my pj's with my knitting waiting for another round to be done on my lace fingerless gloves. I'm using 100% cashmere in fuschia that I bought from It is lovely to work with. I've already made the lace scarf from the Debbie Bliss book of Pure Silk out of some of the cashmere. I took the lace pattern from the scarf, altered it to make fingerless gloves and I'm at the thumb gusset now. It has been slow going as I have about 10 UFO's to complete. I have a couple of scarves on the go for simple knitting, but I'm trying to finish a crew necked sweater for my youngest son. It is out of Debbie Bliss merino DK and in a light grey.

Trying to keep up with my knitting when I frequent my favourite yarn shop, 88 Stitches which is located in Walnut Grove and fairly close to me makes it difficult. I have to go into the shop at least once a week to see what Sue has that's new. And she always seems to order the things that I love. The right colours, the right yarns, and the shop is coming along beautifully.

She's the new owner and she has really put her heart and soul into this shop. And it shows!

Back to knitting and I will post a picture of these fingerless gloves when I get them completed or maybe when I finish the first one. I will post the scarves that I've finished once I upload the pictures to my computer.

It is hard to do everything that I want to do. And dealing with my chronic pain, trying to keep up with household chores and spend time with my family means that at least I can knit and listen and even talk at the same time. It is the perfect hobby to have as far as I'm concerned.

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