Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcoming Millie into our Family

On Saturday, May 10th, my husband and I drove out to Rosedale, a small town just past Chilliwack to look at some Golden Retriever puppies. It was a long drive, but I told him that we were just going to look. I'd already contacted a couple of local breeders about acquiring a Golden Retriever and we did have the option of putting down a deposit at one place for a female which would be ready in September.

Since my husband is a planner and I'm the type of person who will and who has purchased animals more spontaneously, it was a very long drive to just look at puppies and also make sure that these puppies were from a good family. I loved Millie from the start but David had his eye on another female that was a bit bigger. Since it has been me and the kids who have always brought animals into our home, David wanted to pick the breed and pick the name. I only asked for a female dog as that's what we had before and we had one very bad experience with a male mixed dog when our two older children were too small to have a puppy around. My reasoning was that females are easier for me.

David finally picked up Millie and she licked his face. That did it for him. He wanted her. I was also enjoying a male who was a bit shy and David asked if I thought I could handle two puppies. I was very shocked. Then instead of being spontaneous I thought. Training two dogs at one time is a lot of work and since I'm the one who is home the most, that job is mine. Having them sleep together might have helped, but I wasn't willing to spend double and also get double the work. So I said that since our other two dogs were a year and a half apart and our two older children were 14 months apart, it was easier to wait and see if we actually wanted a companion for Millie.

She rode home in our old crate, which David had cleaned and slept. We stopped at the pet store to get her some puppy food and a couple of toys.

So far, she has done all her peeing and pooping outside. I think I'm well trained. I took her out today and she met another dog and other people and seems to want to be outside digging and running around and trying to chew everything in sight. She will be only 7 weeks old tomorrow so she sleeps a lot, but she won't sleep in her crate next to our bed. I'll keep trying but the last two nights, she's slept with us.

I'm tired and have forgotten how hard it is to get up in the middle of the night with a new puppy to take her outside to pee. But she does return to our bed and settles in and I'm getting some sleep but it isn't what I need for fibromyalgia. However, I know that this stage will pass.

She seems to want to get into my knitting bag. I tried to knit this afternoon but she wanted to be right next to me and of course was interested in the yarn and needles. Finally she fell asleep so I continued to work on my bias Shawl.

I finished my Misty Garden scarf on Sunday, Mother's Day and it is blocking now. I'm still waiting for my lace wires from Knitpicks in order to block my Evelyn A. Clark shawl of Flower Baskets. I'm trying to finish up the few projects that have been sitting around for awhile, but I do want to work on a vest made out of Mission Falls cotton from the book The Illustrator called Gwen. I've been working on the back as it is mindless knitting at this point.

My knitting is taking a backseat to Millie right now, but I just mailed off the romper outfit that I'd made for my grandson.
I do wish I knew how to get my pictures to appear where I want them. I guess I'll have to email a couple of people who seem to do it seamlessly.