Sunday, May 2, 2010

Organizing my stash

I basically spent the last week in a major fibromyalgia flare. Lots of pain that just wouldn't go away. The weather kept shifting and that affects me a lot. However, one thing that I found I could concentrate on and do was to take pictures of my stash and finally get more of it posted on Ravelry.

A couple of friends thought I'd won the lottery as I'd finally gotten around to taking pictures of Fleece Artist and Handmaiden yarn that is made here in Canada. No lottery winnings for me, but I did have a good laugh about it all. Today I hauled out my big container of Noro yarn and proceeded to add them to my stash on Ravelry. Even though I have an inventory of all my yarn, plus where at least 90% of it is located in my craft room, actually seeing it and wondering why I'd bought it all in the first place got me to thinking.

I obviously had plans for particular projects at one time, and of course some of them are written on my inventory, but I keep changing my mind and of course find different yarns that I prefer to knit with.

So now I'm going to see if I can sell some of it on Ravelry for less than the cost I paid, but the shipping is the hard part. While watching Hoarding, Buried Alive this evening, I decided that I should just decide which yarns I can live without and sell them from home. Of course with our garage half filled with a lot of stuff, it would make sense to have a garage sell. However that is far too much work.

I'm going to see if some of my knitting buddies that live near me want to buy some of my yarn for a reduced price and then I don't have to deal with the shipping.

Organizing my yarn is a full time job. And of course when I see a new pattern that I want to make, I do go through my inventory for the yarn I want to use, but then I'll go into my Local Yarn Shop,88 Stitches, and just have to have something else.

I don't consider myself a hoarder as I'm very organized, and I do go through my clothing and small items to give away for others to use on a regular basis. It is just seeing how much yarn I actually have and not remembering why I bought it, but will I have time to use it that is key to me right now.

I have one more weaving class to take and I've missed three classes. I've learned a lot that I can apply to my new loom, but I've also discovered that I love the warping process and the actual weaving is a bit boring for me. It is like doing a sweater in garter stitch and feeling that I'm never going to be finished.

At least I'm learning more about my likes and dislikes. I still love Fleece Artist and Handmaiden yarns, but lately I've been purchasing yarn to make baby clothing and blankets as our second grandchild is due the middle of August, and she is a girl. Thus, I had little pink yarn that was suitable for a baby and of course had to buy a lot.

Also, I've been introduced to about three independent yarn dyers and their yarn is beautiful, soft and what I want to be on my needles now.

I'm trying to finish a shawl that has an edging on it and the edging is now very boring for me, but I did learn how to add an edging without a lot of mistakes.

Now to get myself organized so I can either donate some yarn or make a small amount of money back from some of my past purchases.