Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not very focused these days

My days seem all the same so I decided to make some changes. Instead of taking Millie to the dog park 4 days a week, hosing her off afterwards as she gets all muddy when she's playing with other dogs, drying her with the hair blower, doing a load of doggy towels and being exhausted, I decided that she is social enough. Three or even two days at the dog park are enough for both of us. She walked very well with me yesterday and we ventured out further than we usually go.
The Dog Whisperer says that dogs get bored with the same walking route, so I took him at his word, and Millie got to see different things and also walk along a busy road. She did fine and she wasn't muddy and didn't have to endure a cold hosing off.
My daughter-in-law and grandson were out visiting other Japanese women who've married Canadian men and also have two year olds, so they had a good day. And I got a break from my grandson. I love him dearly, but trying to keep him from either falling down the stairs, crashing into doors, or breaking something that he shouldn't is a full time job. His parents are good at watching him, but they also need a break.
I can't seem to stay focused on one knitting project these days. However, I'm making myself do at least 4 rows of my husband's sweater each evening. Doing both sleeves at one time makes it seem longer, but they will both be done together.
I keep going on Ravelry to see what I can make out of my stash yarn, printing out new patterns and then forgetting all about them.
I have several UFO's and do try to work on at least 3 of them each day. I just can't get into the mood to stay focused for long enough to make much of a dent into these projects.
I joined the Cindy Swap at Ravelry and am excited about finding small things or a special yarn to send to my secret person.
The knitting guild that I basically began is beginning to grow and come together. I've taken the role of graphic person as my husband can do all the fliers, name tags, etc for free for us and he does a very professional job as he is a graphic designer.
I switched to taking Mum out on Tuesdays but I decided to return to Thursdays again. Millie can have a good walk before her dog obedience class and I will have Tuesdays free to do what I want. It is about the only day I have where I don't have to be somewhere.

I did finish the spiral fingerless gloves that I made out of brown Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and of course as soon as I'd worn them once, I found my pink cashmere ones. At least I now have a pair to wear out walking Millie and I don't have to worry about mucking up the cashmere ones.