Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Cold Day

I don't seem to find the time to write something here very often. I do keep up my site at ravelry and my knitting projects are posted there. Currently I'm in an online KAL and we're making socks. I'm making toe up socks with some beautiful alpaca, merino wool and nylon that I bought at a fair a couple of years ago. I got the toes started and then put both socks on two circular needles. It makes the project go slower but at the end, I'll have two socks and won't have to be concerned about finishing the second sock.

I'm busy working on denim pants for my almost 15 month old grandson in size 18 months because I'd bought the yarn after he was born but never got around to making them until a month or so ago. I now have both legs done and have joined them together and all I have to do is go round and round for about 50 more rounds. Hopefully they will fit him. The pattern is from the book, Last Minute Gifts and I've found this book to have some nice projects in it.

I really have the obsessive/compulsive casting on syndrome. I have several ongoing projects. One is for when I'm out and about and have to wait for an appointment or just wait in line at the bank. It is mindless knitting. It is going to be a short scarf, and I did make one for my daughter for Christmas that she wears everywhere and gets lots of compliments about it. It makes her blue eyes look bluer and it keeps her neck warm as it is very cold outside lately.

However, the sun is shining and that makes up for the freezing weather since we live in British Columbia, Canada in the lower mainland where it rains and rains until one feels like they've turned to rust.

It is time to sit for awhile and either work on the socks or do a few more rounds of the pants, or even work a bit on the Tilted Duster that I've been working on for months. Sometimes having many projects on the go is nice because I can pick and choose, but at this point I really need to finish these pants before my grandson is too big for them.

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