Saturday, May 2, 2009

Killing Time

I could be working on the Shetland Triangle shawl that I decided I wanted to work on this evening, but I had to restart it and I'm now back where I was. At row 7. Not going very fast with this shawl and even though it is a very easy chart to follow, the malabrigo yarn that I'm using is delightful, I just couldn't sit still.

We're waiting to pick up our youngest son from Mexico at midnight. He did change his flight so they aren't going to have a 2 hour stop over in the airport in Mexico City, but he still will need to wear a mask. His sister has to stay with friends for a week as she does work in an independent living facility and if she stayed at home, she wouldn't be able to work for a week.

Our son will be wearing a mask at home and his boss phoned on Friday and said he can work from home for a couple of days. He and his friends are all fine, so all of this is just a precaution.

I did finish the Newsboy Cap today and I'm very delighted with how it fits my head like a baseball cap and that is how I wanted it to look. I changed the number of increases and that helped it to fit my head as I wanted it to. Of course my daughter loved it, so I'm sure I'll be making one for her.
I may be used to staying up until 11:30, but the thought of having to go into Vancouver and then driving home again isn't sitting well with me. I'm learning that being a parent doesn't end when children become adults. Some aspects do end, but since they are all living at home again, we are very involved in their lives. Well, as much as they are willing to tell us.
I'm going to sit and knit or maybe read for awhile.


Petronella said...

Hi Cynthia
What a great Cap you've made. I love both the colorway and the pattern.

Good Luck with both the Shetland Triangle shawl, and not at least; your children. I'm a parent for grownup kids my selv, så I really can relate to your concerns. The eldest have moved out but are coming home for a three month summer holiday now. And the youngest is still living at home. We are looking forward to gathering the whole family for a periode, but at the same time I know there are going to be some discussions to...

Cynthia said...

Thank you so very much. For both commenting upon my cap and for having empathy for having adult children living with their parents.

It is a big challenge but our family meetings have always helped to at least clear the air and get chores done for maybe a couple of weeks.